We aim to combat bullying by using a three stage system ;

Instil Confidence: Bullies are less likely to target self-confident children. We instill confidence in every lesson through games, mini-lectures and effective techniques.

Increase Awareness: Harassment from bullies can be physical, verbal, social and cyber; and delivered at various intensity levels. In each lesson, we focus on teaching your child to recognise and respond to the most common bully behaviours in a positive and effective way.

Ensure Readiness: Only when your child makes it clear that he/she will not tolerate the harassment, will they free themselves of the bully’s torment. We will prepare them for this physically and emotionally.


Aside from preparing your child to deal with bullies with our effective Martial Arts and Self-Defence Skills, the other objective of our children’s programmes is to instil  your child with the positive character traits that will lead to success in all areas of life, to make them 'Peacefull Warriors'.


There are six areas which we cover in our Character Development section of our classes: Responsibility, Health, Respect, Citizenship, Manners, and Caring – each of which is covered for a term at a time.


We dedicate time in each class to address the featured trait and the simple things they can do to make the trait a part of their everyday lives.


The secret to the success of this program is a very powerful sticker based reward system that encourages each child to make the small character changes in their daily lives - on their own!


Our members benefit from many extra activities, we hold a 'Samurai Summer Camp' every august spending a week in the woods training, playing and camping.

Students can also attend our film nights where we take students to see Martial Arts related movies and ontop of this we hold parties for our members at special times of the year either such as Christmas and Halloween.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES are also on offer:

rock climbing, survival/outdoors.



Classes are all taught by highly trained and qualified instructors – DBS(CRB) Cleared, First Aid Trained, Fully Insured,  Qualified Coaches, Protecting and Safeguarding Children Trained and Sports Coach UK Members.

We are also members of the Martial Arts Standards Agency, all to ensure that your children are in Safe, Professional and well trained hands.

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