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Peaceful Warriors, when old and skilled enough progress into the Samurai in Training Programme as a natural transition – they enjoy the challenge that can be found and the friends that can be made.

Of course if you are a new student and old enough you will start in this class.

In the Samurai in Training Programme our approach is one of continual development. Student’s need to be inspired, challenged and entertained. For children to stay committed to a class, they have to enjoy what they are doing / learning and get a chance to socialise.

However as always our main focus is helping them to develop into complete Martial artists. It is crucial that in this stage of a child’s life journey confidence, respect, discipline and healthy lifestile choices are instilled.


Games, Drills, Belt Testing, Stickers, Samurai Awards and trophies are all used to instil the modern morality and martial virtues required of our Samurai in Training.

Once our Samurai in Training are mature, skilled and determined enough they progress into our Bushi Programme (Adult Class)

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