Peaceful Warriors | Chiryoku Ryu Childrens Martial Arts Class | Macclesfield, Middlewich, Cheshire


We teach children form 4 years old in this class,

we focus on the core skills of :

concentration, focus, balance, coordination,

control, memory, and of course confidence.

Then we give the children a chance to practice them in class and  show them how they can apply these skills at home, or in school in a good way.


At this age children are not interested in ‘learning’ Ju Jitsu;

but they don’t mind ‘playing’ Ju Jitsu.

Our Peaceful Warrior Programme has the development of the child

at it’s core, we develop skills and attitudes through structured games, making Martial Art’s fun and easy.

Children develop and learn in different ways to adults, and as such they need to be taught and shown things differently too.

Our Instructors follow carefully designed Lesson Plans which have been tried and tested to ensure that every class is filled with fun, fitness, martial arts and character development.


Our Instructors enjoy teaching nearly as much as the children enjoy training. The programme is designed to empower so that they are confident and focused enough to go into the Samurai In Training Programme, continuing their Martial Arts journey with us.

Chiryoku Ryu | Hombu Dojo

Unit 3, Crown Centre, Bond Street

Macclesfield, Cheshire

SK11 6QS


Tel: 0800 043 5203 or 07783 145 364