Most Martial Arts follow the kyu/dan system
of coloured belts, followed by levels of black belt.
This system was created in 1883 by Jigaro Kano (founder of Judo).
Previous to this practitioners gained mekyo/licences when they had reached a level of proficiency;
not just accumulation of, or being able to 'show' techniques.
The Chiryoku Ryu rewards proficiency
with four belt / mekyo levels.
1/4 Black Belt or Entry Level Licence
1/2 Black Belt or First Level Licence
3/4 Black Belt or Mid-Level Licence
and Full Black Belt or Upper Level Licence
The table opposite shows the rough equivelant in belt colours.

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Between belt levels, we award a number of coloured tabs, as testiment to a students progression towards becoming a
'Complete Martial Artist'.
Tabs are broken down into five key areas required for advancement and overall proficiency.
We explain this to children with a game anaology:
TABS are like gaining experience points
BELTS are like 'leveling up' / going up a level.
These are how students prove that they have covered enough of the syllabus; and gained the required technical, mental, physical, weaponry and moral skills / attributes,
to be entered for a belt test.
Once a student has gained 11 tabs they can enter for a belt test. This is where a student has to prove their proficiency as a Martial Artist.
Only a noticable improvement in overall martial arts skill, understanding and technical ability leads to a new belt.

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