Chiryoku Ryu Kempo Ju Jitsu

is  comprehensive and vast Martial Art – we cover ALL aspects of training

(striking, kicking, blocking, throwing, locking, groundwork, defending modern weapons, using traditional weapons....)  in order to create a ‘Complete Martial Artist’ who can hold his/her own against other Martial Arts disciplines or just the thug at the end of the bar..

Although we teach JAPANESE Kempo Ju Jitsu, and we uphold many of the traditions of the Traditional Martial Arts, our syllabus and training practices aim to develop martial arts along traditional lines but ever searching to increase the competence, application and effectiveness of the art.

Our Adult / Bushi classes are filled with fitness, learning and socialising.


The Chiryoku Ryu adult training covers all aspects of Martial Arts; as such creating

 'Complete Martial Artists'

capable of handling a variety of attacks stood, sat, on the ground, against a wall against a larger, stronger opponent who is armed or unarmed.


Martial Arts do not merely to create fighters or showmen; respect, humility and quiet confidence are all attributes required to train and advance – and that is what we aim to help you do.


Fitness is of paramount importance to all of us, and there is provision for Martial Arts Fitness to be gained in every class.


Students are encouraged to advance at a comfortable pace whilst still pushing themselves to the next level


Chiryoku Ryu | Hombu Dojo

Unit 3, Crown Centre, Bond Street

Macclesfield, Cheshire

SK11 6QS


Tel: 0800 043 5203 or 07783 145 364