Japanese Ju Jitsu is one of the oldest and most influential Martial Arts, this grappling based style is fused with Kempo in order to utilise precision striking and kicking techniques to create a ‘mixed’ martial art called Kempo Ju Jitsu.


Our particular style of Kempo Ju Jitsu is

 ‘Chiryoku’ or Strength Through Knowledge.

Chiryoku Ryu was developed by

Grant Cooke Kancho, through 23 years of study and practice: in 12 Martial Arts, since the age of four, in this country and abroad. As well as a BA In Martial Arts and Sports Development and Diplomas in a number of academic areas appertaining to martial arts study, practice and teaching.

The Chiryoku Ryu was founded upon the principles of : technique over strength; the utilisation of distance, balance and timing over speed; High standards of instruction, and practice, as well as no-politics or egos.


The syllabus, although technically comprehensive, is designed to create a complete and competent Martial ARTIST; we are not interested in creating fighters or showmen. Martial artists know more than just techniques; they know history, philosophy, principles, morals and virtues amongst other things.


 Our coaches are fully trained, CRB checked, insured and we follow the most up to date guidelines. Our Codes Policies and Procedures outling all we do to keep our students safe

(this can be viewed at any dojo)


Is to create 'Complete Martial Artists'

A complete martial artist is not only competent at martial arts, but a positive force : happy, confident, helpfull and well rounded.


As well as our syllabus including skills for self advancement, we also have Additional Activities, Summer Camps, Film NIghts, Member Parties all to build a strong community within the club : and pushing students to be future role models.

In the wider community we also try to help with litter pics, summer fete's and other events.

Schools and colledges use us for their GCSE, DofE and 'Personal and Social Education' days: knowing that they will recieve the best possible Martial Arts Instruction.

Chiryoku Ryu | Hombu Dojo

Unit 3, Crown Centre, Bond Street

Macclesfield, Cheshire

SK11 6QS


Tel: 0800 043 5203 or 07783 145 364